UPDATE under "My Story"

This site is dedicated to the path I'm taking back to wellness.  In April, 2013 doctors diagnosed me with an inoperable, incurable, fatal brain tumor.  As we all know, doctors are wrong almost as often as they're right.  

My path to wellness involves showing just one more example of that. 

This time it involves your help.  There is an experimental drug that has been shown in clinical trials to be safe and effective on my kind of tumor.  

We just need the FDA to agree to grant us access to it.  That's where you and this concert come in.  We are trying to raise awareness to my request in the hope it will convince them to let us have the drug.  The manufacturer is willing to provide it.  The FDA has a regulation called a Compassionate use Exemption (CUE) for just this situation; they just need to agree to allow us to use it.

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Liza's Path To Wellness